Photo Editor / Producer / Researcher / consultant / Content creator / *Dancer.

photograph by Nigel Parry

photograph by Nigel Parry

I am currently the Photo Director at Esquire Magazine. I have been at Esquire for eleven plus years. Prior to Esquire, I worked at GQ.
I have had the rare opportunity during my career to work with some of the most talented agents, subjects, creative directors, editors, make up artists, photo editors, set designers, writers, videographers, and photographers. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on the industry.  I have been honored by numerous industry awards, sat on numerous judging panels, and have spoken publicly about photography and video.

I live in Brooklyn with my wife and kids. 

This site features just a small amount work that I had my hand in either art directing or producing.  Sometimes both.  It continues to evolve, so please check back.

If you want to tell me about yourself, learn more, or ask how I can be of help, please e-mail me:

*I'm not that good of a dancer.